Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Same Movie But It Is Different!

Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger


How Disney’s Bob Iger Vanquished Wall Street Agitator Nelson Peltz -- Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2024:

Iger has told Hollywood associates in recent weeks that he envisions the shake-up allowing Disney to produce more movies that achieve both commercial and critical success, the way Warner Bros.’s “Barbie,” 2023’s highest-grossing movie, and the Best Picture winner “Oppenheimer” dominated the conversation in the movie industry last year, according to people familiar with the matter.

Yet another Business


[4/10/24] - In addition to produce more movies, how about creating different versions of the same movie? One version for theatre release, one for DVDs, one for streaming, one for air plane watching, and etc. Currently, the movie industry is already doing it with the theater release version and director's cut version. The Doodle is for more versions. Each version differs by having more or less scenes. Lots of scenes get cut during editing, so instead of throwing them away, have a LP (long-play) version that streams with all scenes under Part I and Part II - this instantly doubles the movies offerred to fans. Different versions can also have different endings. Why have the good guy always win at the end? Let's have the bad guy win for a change, and offer both versions on streaming - again, this will double the movies offered.

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