Saturday, April 10, 2021

LOCAL - Long Grove Bridge Hit Again

This news article says that the Long Grove Bridge just got hit for 14th time since reopening last summer after major repairs due to previous hits.

The included bird-eye's view picture shows a stop sign before entering the bridge. DocNgu Doodles say that Long Grove should install some kind of crossbeam at that stop sign, on the same height as the bridge's entrance. Any truck that is too high will hit that crossbeam first and will stop before the bridge.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

VOTING - Food & Drink

This article mentions that "President Biden had claimed that Georgia's law blocked people from providing voters with food and water while the stood in line", while the actual law says that the policy "allows poll workers to provide self-service water from an unattended receptacle within 150 feet but prohibits people from actively distributing food and drink within that distance". 

DocNgu Doodles says that this food and drink portion of the law is correct. DocNgu can image two candidates running against each other, and one of the candidates is Asian American. If the poll workers who actively distribute food and drink, are all Asian looking, and the food and drink they distribute are say, Chinese-style sweet icy soy milk and almond cookies, they will influence the waiting voters. The voters drink the soy milk, eat the cookies, remember the nice Asian looking worker, and will vote for the Asian American candidate. Why do President Biden, the Democrats and activists favor this blatant vote influence scheme?

CHINA - H&M Should-Be Stand

The CEO of H&M faces a dilemna in this article, "H&M vows to rebuild trust in China after Xinjiang backlash". This is due to an 2020 article resurfaced on social media that says the company "expressed concern about the allegations of forced labor in Xinjiang and said it would no longer source cotton from there". The Chinese is mounting a campaign to discredit H&M, causing several of its physical stores to close, and its online presence to disappear. China is H&M’s fourth-biggest market by sales, so the company cannot afford to make the Chinese government angry. What should the H&M's CEO do?

DocNgu Doodles says that the CEO should direct the company to state clearly that it only sources cotton from places that it is allowed to verify that there is no forced labor, no child labor, and other specific human rights related issues. These other issues must be stated specifically and not in general terms. Its statement will not mention China nor any other countries. The company should not drop buying from a location because of "expressed concern" about "allegations". This is hearsay. The company should send a team to investigate. If the country does not allow the team to investigate, then the company will drop buying from that country due to "it is not allowed to verify that there is no ... etc ...". For the China issue, the onus is now on China to allow an independent investigation. The pressure is then removed from H&M CEO since she can claim she just follows a very clear policy of the company.