Saturday, March 30, 2024

What about Walgreens?

Early "Walgreen Drugs" sign still in use in San Antonio, Texas -- Wikipedia


Walgreens’ frail quarter goes beyond the discretionary spending dips afflicting its competitors. It’s ‘just not very good at retailing,’ analyst says by Sasha Rogelberg -- Fri, March 29, 2024 :

“We count on folks to come in and to not only visit our pharmacies, but come in, buy impulse items, get last-minute items, get seasonal items,” Wentworth (Walgreen's CEO) told Bloomberg TV on Thursday. “A lot of those things are purchases that you have to get the value equation right on or else they feel discretionary to folks.”

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[3/30/24] - Besides impulse items, last-minute items, and seasonal items, how about treasure-hunt items? The Doodle is for Walgreens to reserve an aisle just for discounted items along the line of dollar stores. The focus is on toys and other children's goods. Walgreens stores will be the "in" stores for avid children and parents looking to buy something cheap for their children. Once the children have their toys, the parents, primarily mothers, may stop by the higher-margin cosmetic aisles since they are already in the stores.

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