Tuesday, January 5, 2021

HEALTH - Healthcare Rights

While reading on The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JP Morgan healthcare joint venture ending, I wonder if healthcare can be a right to be guaranteed by the government, like defense. If defense means the right for the citizens to be safe from external threats, then healthcare is the right for citizens to be defended against illness. Healthcare can be a right but not a limitless right. This is a DocNgu doodle, so what comes next is what crosses my mind while reading the article. I did not do any deep research to see if this is a viable idea, or if somebody has proposed it already. From general revenues, the government can give everybody say $5000 a year. Whatever the money is, it will cover basic health insurance. However there is still a big private insurance market. Anybody who wants "better" treatment will buy the supplemental insurance. Companies can still offer insurance benefits, but the benefits are only for the supplemental insurance. Rich people can also buy the supplemental insurance on the market to get into posher hospitals or be treated by more renowed physicians. As the country gets richer, the base money increases to cover more procedures.

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