Saturday, December 19, 2020


There is a section on "Abortion Divide" in the Abortion, Guns and Trump: A Church Group Tries to Navigate America’s Divisions 12/19/20 article in the Wall Street Journal. I don't know exactly what is the abortion law in this country. So this doodle may be already the law of the land. This doodle is a proposal that the US Congress pass a law that says pregnancy is a continuum, starting from a cell in one end and a baby at the other end. On the first portion of the continuum, abortion is legal without restriction. This is fully pro-choice. On the third and last portion, abortion is illegal except for the ? of the mother. This is the pro-life position. In the second (middle) portion, abortion is legal if the woman has gone through counseling and illegal if the woman has not gone to or has not gone through the full counseling program. The counseling program purpose is to show the woman options to keep the pregancy to birth. The congressional law will leave it up to the states to define when or how the first, second, and third portions of the continuum start and end. Liberal states may have the first portion longer to stretch out the pro-choice duration, and conservative states may have the third portion longer to lengthen the pro-life duration. The states will also decide what is the contents of the counseling program. Non-controversial things like adoption options are no brainer. However things like forcing the woman to look at the ultrasound picture of the fetus will have to be voted by the people in the state.

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