Tuesday, December 15, 2020

SOCIAL - Whistleblowing On Drug Usage

On December 8, there is an article on the Wall Street Journal about "Whistleblowers Worry SEC’s Interpretation of ‘Independent Analysis’ Could Discourage Tipsters. Although the whistleblowing is on corporate frauds, I wonder if the US can combat the drug usage by focusing on the consumption side by offering tipsters rewards. The "war on drugs" has 2 sides, the production side and the consumption side. The US tackles the production side by attacking the drug cartels in their countries and by limiting the drug trafficking into the US. This doodle is about the consumption side. If there are still people using drugs, if the US can have a drug kingpin arrested, a new one will take his place, since the money is still there. If people stop taking drugs, there is no money on the table, and the smart drug dealers will find something else to do. People continue to take drugs because this activity is mostly inside homes, not in the public. The US can have a whistleblowing program for drug usage like this. Anybody of money who is captured on camera taking drugs will not go to jail, but will have to go to rehabilitation AND also be penalized with say 10% of his networth. The money will be divided into half. One half will go to the government to pay for drug rehabilitation for people with and without money. The other half will be given to the tipster. For example a movie mogul with a networth of 100 M, will have to pay 10 M, with 5 M going to the tipster. Can the mogul still trust people around him when he takes his shots, especially now that everybody has a cell phone with camera?

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