Tuesday, April 2, 2024

What About Knightscope?

Knightscope (KSCP) security robot patrols an outdoor parking lot -- Yahoo Finance


Knightscope Innovation Week -- March 11-15, 2024:

Knightscope has the K5 Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) to monitor schools.

Yet another Business


[4/2/24] - How about developing a "Robocop" K5 that can harass a shooting intruder? This "Robocop" K5 will have a bulletproof body frame, a gunshot noise detector, flashing lights, a protected camera, folding flag arms, and communication instruments. This ASR will patrol the hallways and, upon detecting gunshots or being directed by security, will speed to the source. Once the intruder is detected, the ASR will use its bulletproof frame, flashing lights, and unfolded flag arms to distract and harass the shooter. If the school has multiple ASRs, all of them will convene to swarm the shooter. The ASR actions will give time for students and staff to flee or barricade, and police to arrive. The camera and communication instruments will allow the security forces to locate and identify the threat.

When not dealing with shooters, the "Robocop" K5 will do the normal school monitoring.

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