Thursday, December 20, 2012

Morphism Way, A Philosophy For A Complicated World

We, as humans, tend to make life complicated as we try to make things simple. We have either black or white, good or evil, rich or poor, straight or gay, pro choice or pro life, pro gun or anti gun, territory owned by this country or that country. Such clear-cut demarcation makes things look simple to understand, but complicates when we try to get a consensual resolution. There is a cliff that separates the two extremes, a chasm that is hard to cross. 

 Let's now replace the sudden demarcation by a gradual change where one extreme morphs into the other extreme. Between black and white, there is a multitude of shades of grey. The recognition of gradualism is the first tenet of the Morphism Way.

 The second tenet of the Morphism Way is the acceptance of a point in that gradual morphing process as the basis for conflict resolution. Instead of forcing either black or white, we will pick a shade of grey that all the parties can accept to live with.