Friday, October 17, 2008

"McCain Is For Jobs"

Senator McCain, please repeat this, "McCain Is For Jobs". Please repeat it. Again, please. And again. And again until the campaign is over.

Yesterday I went to and saw "Country First". With the economy as the top concern of American voters, this patriotic message does not resonate. The recent polls say so. The McCain/Palin ticket is losing ground because the economy is worsening.

I went to the Economy section of the web site. There are a lot of sensible proposals there. Then I browsed away and did not remember what the key points were. In the age of one-liner images, where "BMW is the ultimate driving machine", what is John McCain?

I heard Senator McCain in all three debates. I saw a few McCain TV ads. I like the man, genuinely decent and patriotic. But still, from all the McCain messages, what is John McCain?

Then I heard Sen. Obama and saw his TV ads. I instantly know what John McCain is. John McCain is Bush. (I like President Bush, I voted for him twice, I don't agree with the Iraq invasion, but I expect history to be nice to him.)

Senator McCain,

Your opponent has defined you. So what are you? What is John McCain?

"McCain Is For Jobs", that's what you are.

Senator McCain, you have said it. But you said it buried among other things. And you did not say it often enough. With only a few weeks left before election, you now say "McCain Is For Jobs", only and always. Along with you, anyone that supports you, say it!

When Sen. Obama attacks you with the "giving billions to the Exxon companies", you don't stay silent. This looks bad, as if you were robbing the poor for the rich. Instead, counter punch! First you agree, then you explain. Corporations create the highest paid jobs in America. You want them to be competitive in the world. You want high-paying jobs to stay in America. Not only that, you want more such jobs. That is why you voted to give tax credits to the corporations so they can do research, invest and expand. They keep the jobs here and hire more. You voted as you did, because John McCain Is For Jobs, for the high paying jobs for America.

When Sen. Obama boasts that his tax program will give money to more people than your program will be, you punch through his class-warfare/income-distribution (CWID or see-weed) scheme. Yes, that scheme may reduce tax for more people, but everyone gets a one-time tax credit. Once they spend it, it's gone. That money, it is a see-weed mirage. Now, let everyone look at your program. Your program helps the small businesses, the ones that create the most jobs in America. When one has a job, money keeps coming. Not a one time see-weed thing, but month after stable month. Your tax program does not give to the rich, it gives to the ones that produce jobs for America. And in America, it happens that those who work hard for their businesses, creating jobs along the way, are rewarded with higher income. You want them to keep creating more jobs. And you want more Americans to join their rank. You believe in the true American spirit, not some see-weed socialist scheme. You introduce your tax program, because John McCain Is For Jobs, for more jobs to more Americans.

When the media asks you about the current mortgage meltdown, you will talk about the short-term gap fixes to stabilize the crisis. Then you mention the cure, which is jobs for America. Jobs give people recurring incomes to pay the recurring mortgages and avoid foreclosures. Your healthcare proposal frees workers to find better jobs since it is not tied to employers. You will talk about your program to help the un-employed retrained for new positions (through low-cost loans or credit to the hiring companies). In this time of high economical anxiety, a job is soothing. And John McCain Is For Jobs, one job for each willing American.

Then there is your energy-independent plan. Sen. Obama has a similar plan. The difference I can see is that you are hot for nuclear energy and Sen. Obama is lukewarm at best. This big difference does not seem to catch on with Americans. So you need to change -- not with the plan but with your delivery of it. Instead of generalities (energy independence in 10 years! More jobs! - which Sen. Obama also says), pull out a Ross Perot. Bring out the charts. Show the job growth in each of the category, from nuclear to bio fuels. Tabulate salary expectations of these jobs. I just read about openings for technicians servicing the windmills go begging because schools do not train them fast enough. Get these numbers and mention them to the American public. You cannot save the horse-buggy jobs of the past, but you can paint a more vivid job picture of the future. Show to Americans that you can lead them there, that John McCain Is For Jobs, the jobs of the future, bright and tall.

Senator McCain,

For high paying jobs, for more job growth, for a job for each willing American, and for jobs of the future, John McCain Is For Jobs. And that should be your only message to the American people.

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