Tuesday, March 23, 2021

GUN LAW - One Way To Pass The Laws

This USA article, 'Public health crisis': Senators debate how to stop gun violence in the wake of Boulder shooting says that Republicans and Democrats agree that prevention is the best way to stop mass shootings, but they do not agree on the solutions. Democrats call for some actions, and Republicans propose others. The result is that nothing gets done. The DocNgu Doodles say that instead of either Democrat or Republican solutions, let's take both solutions. Whatever the Democrats propose, it will be OK. Whatever the Republican propose, it will be OK too. For example, if Republicans want everybody to carry guns in the public, that is OK; and if Democrats want more stringent background checks, that is OK too. Both proposals will be passed in the same Gun Law bill.

After each mass shooting, the Democrats propose some gun control laws that sound reasonable, and the Republicans make some 2nd Amendment arguments that also sound reasonable. No side can guarantee that its proposal will solve the mass shooting issue. If nobody knows what will work, let's try all of them. A little more restrictions over here, a little more freedom over there, perhaps this will be the recipe for success.

If two proposals contradict each other, then both will be discarded. For example, if Democrats propose that each person can own only one gun, and Republicans propose unlimited gun ownership, then both proposals will be discarded.

To prevent all proposals to be contradicted, each side will have say, 3 proposals that cannot be contradicted. The Democrats will likely use their allotment to restrict gun ownership to people that should not own guns (like felons and people with mental disorder), and the Republicans will likely use their allotment to allow responsible Americans to more easily own guns. 

Isn't the above something we can live with and not die from?

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