Tuesday, January 5, 2021

SOCIAL - Gun Rights and Gun Responsibilities

The Ohio governor just signed a gun bill and declared that "he was disappointed lawmakers didn't add the measures he sought for more than a year that would toughen background checks and boost penalties for felons committing new crimes with guns". Now there are two measures. The first one, on background check, is about the right to own guns. The second one, on crimes with guns, is about the responsibility of owning guns. The gun control side is currently too focused on limiting the gun rights. Obviously the gun rights side has to push back. To limit the harm of gun usage, the gun control side should be totally focused on gun responsibilities. For example, if you use guns to commit crimes, more penalty (like the Ohio governor proposed). If you let somebody borrows your guns to commit crime, also penalty to you. If you own a gun and does not lock it and an accident happens, also penalty to you. If your gun is stolen, you are responsible to report it. If you don't, and later a recovered gun is traced back to you, penalty to you. Basically the idea is that you can own as many guns as you like, but you are responsible about your ownership. This message is a law-and-order message since you are responsible to prevent your guns to be misused. Who does not agree to that?

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