Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Justin Fields Needs His Own Coach


From the article Justin Fields plans to play less ‘robotic,' be himself in clear indictment of Bears' coaching staff by Josh Schrock (Bears Insider, September 20, 2023):

When asked what led to him playing "robotic" Sunday in Tampa, Fields softly pointed the finger at a coaching staff that is so focused on its coaching points that it bogs him down on Sundays. Fields appreciates the game-week information but needs to trust his prep and cut loose on gameday instead of spending so much time trying to do things exactly how the staff wants.

Yet another Sports


Does the Chicago Bears coaching staff include a quarterback coach? If there is one, tey (singular they) is probably hired by the front office, the head coach, or the offensive coach. How about letting Justin Fields propose his own quarterback coach to be hired - one that understands Fields' playing style and with whom Fields is comfortable working? This quarterback coach will represent Fields within the coaching staff.

Come to think about it. Tennis players and golf players at the highest level hire their own coaches. Why can't quarterbacks?

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