Tuesday, March 2, 2021

POLITICS - $15 Minimum Wage

$15 minimum wage is currently the hot topics du jour. See for example Opinion: Plan B for a $15 Minimum Wage. The Democrats want $15 to allow a worker working full time to earn enough for a family. The Republicans say $15 is too high for states with low cost of living. The DocNgu doodles suggest a minimum wage based on the cost of living. Each state calculates a cost of monthly living for a full time worker earning enough for a family of X persons, then divides by the 4 weeks of 40 hours. This will be the minimum wage for that state. So in real money, Arkansas may have $12, but California may have $16. A state is also allowed to calculate this cost of living minimum wage per metropolitan areas. Thus Chicago may have a higher minimum wages than downstate Illinois.

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